Choosing an internship

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Choosing an internship
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As I am graduating this year, I had to find the “Perfect” internship since it will be a determining point in my academic life, believe me choosing it was not a very easy task. However, I think there are main criteria that one must follow in order to find the right internship and be satisfied with their choice.

The reason behind the following guideline is that internships offer us the opportunity to have a hands-on experience in a professional environment. They can boost our careers by improving our skill sets and our resumes. Therefore, it will help us stand out when it comes to any potential employer. And in today’s competitive world, everyone is looking to grab the best of internship opportunities. The question remains, how could we find the right opportunity?

Before answering that question, we have to understand that the most important thing to do before starting to look for an internship is deciding what do we want out of this experience? We must have the mindset of high achievers; we need to be smart about our choices. Sit down and ask yourself, what do I want out of this internship? Some of you may want to gain practical knowledge in their field of study, others may want to create a professional network for themselves, or just to add another achievement in their resume. While others are looking to explore their options to find their true calling (my kind of people). No matter what the reason behind this internship, try to focus on that reason and make it your goal to achieve.

Top 6 criteria to choose your internship!

1. Big company or a startup?

Probably one of the most asked questions is what kind of company should one choose? It is understandable that the dilemma caused by this topic since everyone has a different point of view, but you know what I think? Neither! Choose a company that will allow you to grow, to learn, to lead, to be mentored, to collaborate with others and most of all to make mistakes because those mistakes will impact you and make you feel more responsible, wiser and gain new perspective of things. So, before deciding whether you want to be a part of a big or a small company, ask their old interns and their employees about their values and policies which leads me to the next criteria: the work environment.

2. The environment

While working five days a week for most of our days, it is very important to choose the company seems to have the right atmosphere for you. Therefore, do some research before joining any firm, try to find out if they offer growth opportunities, team buildings, workshops, certification, etc., …

PS: You can also get a good impression of the people you will be working with at the interview phase!

3. Paid or unpaid?

The only tip here is “Don’t let money be the guiding force in selecting your internship”. In fact, while selecting an internship, you must really focus on the greater return down the road and don’t let money be a priority. On the contrary, the priority is to find a company that is looking to grow and bring you up with them. So be goal-oriented, look at the bigger picture and it will become clear to you eventually that the main focus is the learning opportunities offered.

4. Location

Most students nowadays try as hard as they can to find internships abroad and that’s a great thing, don’t get me wrong. However, it should not be the main criteria for selection. It is unreasonable to base a career on a location. Before making a choice, you need to understand the kind of work that is expected from you and what kind of organization you will be joining. Trust me not all foreign countries are a heaven on earth, each place has its pros and cons so this criterion should be the last on your list.

5. Sector

The question you need to be asking yourself is what is your target sector after graduation? Some prefer the private sector; others like to work in the public one while others want an opportunity to work in a non-profit organization. You have to decide your preferences and act accordingly. Your goal should be to pursue an internship that will provide you with experience and insight into your future sector.

6. Networking Potential

The opportunity to meet and interact with professionals is extremely valuable since they can offer you great career advice, potential career paths and may even become a reference for you. Therefore, you must find an internship that will provide you the chance to strengthen your networking skill.

Finally, I think once you have weighed the criteria against the potential internship, you will be able to make the best choice with the most beneficial outcome but know that within AYMAX, as an intern you will find yourself surrounded by experts in both fields of digital transformation and SAP. In fact, joining AYMAX whether in France, Tunisia or Belgium, will offer you a wide range for networking and through the guidance of your coworkers, you will find yourself easily integrated and become a solid part of the team. 

Article rédigé par : Hajer NEYLI — Software Engineering intern Java/Angular

Guideline to a great internship


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