Energy: Modernize your IT system with an SAP integration  

Energy, a sector undergoing rapid change, is facing new economic and socio-environmental challenges. Rethinking the future of this sector has become a major concern for companies by relying on a solid and intelligent information system. 

Many management systems are designed for controlled growth, including powerful ERP/SAP solutions. This allows for effective response to your challenges with complete support of all your data. 

Promote a sustainable future through decarbonization

by putting IT and digital solutions at the heart of your strategy

Aymax brings you a solution adapted to your needs with a complete optimization of your business processes addressing all the challenges encountered in this sector. 

We ensure you dedicated support throughout the entire cycle of your projects thanks to the digitalization and upgrade of your legacy systems. 

With Aymax, get the most out of your data and discover new business opportunities that meet the demands of the energy sector. 

Grow your energy business with SAP solutions

  • Digitize your legacy systems to accurately measure all your data  
  • Improve customer and user experience with multiple SAP solutions 
  • Optimize all your data with the HANA database 
  • Boost your business processes with SAP asset intelligence network through the tracking of your asset and IoT data 
  • Modernize and reinvent your distribution networks 
  • Control your entire production to make room for innovation 
  • Ensure global regulatory compliance of all your products to guarantee their safety throughout their entire life cycle.  
  • Manage your carbon footprint with SAP Product Footprint Management and gain insights into the environmental impact of your products throughout their life cycle 
  • Monitor, manage, and report on your company’s greenhouse gas emissions with SAP Environment, Health and Safety Management 
  • Minimize carbon emissions from physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures with SAP Landscape Management   

Providing support throughout your

SAP integration project cycle


Analyze your organizational structure across all the stakeholders in your digital ecosystem: supply chain, sales, finance, support and operations.  
Understand your business processes and their interactions  
Mobilize the best of SAP solutions adapted to your needs  
Establish a scalable model that meets your short- and medium-term objectives  
Integrate a solution and train your teams to use it  

Teams that adapt to your needs and meet the demands of the energy sector

With an extensive knowledge of SAP solutions and a proven experience in modules such as quality, supplychain and sales, Aymax is equipped to work with you to improve your business processes and to mobilize your data through your ERP management. 

Thanks to our expertise and mastery of the different demands and business requirements of the energy sector, our multidisciplinary team accompanies you from start to finish on your projects. 

With more than 180 experts spread over 4 countries (France, Tunisia, Egypt and Belgium), our teams accompany you with a flexible approach for all  your SAP projects and with an instant response to your increased workload. 


they trust us