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Kilani Group : Implementation project of an SAP ECC6 system to S/4 HANA for the Kilani Group - Technical segment

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Kilani Group is a major player in the field of hardware. Based in Tunisia, this group is made up of 4 main companies: STC, SIC, Promodar and STQ.

Currently using SAP’s ECC6, the various companies in this group are now facing a technical problem: how to bring these 4 companies together within the same ERP system in order to optimise the flow of information between them.  

This migration project is part of an OnPremise approach, and the main challenge is to technically keep the same functionality of each program of the old system to migrate it to the new system. 

A solution adapted for some forty users that we initially implemented for three of the group’s companies over a period of 11 months.  

Based on our recommendations, we have also added and improved programmes, which are made possible by the opportunities of S/4 HANA, such as the SAP Business Partner solution. This solution within the new ERP is now a new way to manage master data for business partners, customers, suppliers, etc.  

We have identified different main objectives for this migration with our client, which are:  

  • Fixing bugs already existing under the ECC6 system 
  • Implementation of an import certificate 
  • Adaptation of existing printouts with SAP S/4HANA and with the improvements proposed by the functional team such as parameter points related to price conditions, calculation scheme and the use of new ERP tables 
  • Creating automation to minimise user tasks 
  • Improving exchanges between group companies by streamlining their ERP systems 
  • Improved performance with S/4 HANA solution 
  • Improved design for system performance 
  • Optimising an internal order (CO) assignment solution on the sales order to facilitate manual master data assignments 
  • When launching an automated payment, we have implemented a program that is automatically triggered to print the withholding tax certificate according to the new rules issued by the Tunisian financial law of 2021. It also allows the generation of transfer receipts and the newsletter. 

In order to respond to this project, we mobilised several teams at different key stages to ensure a long-term performance service:  

  • part 1: Systems analysis – 1 technical consultant 
  • part 2: Putting it into action – 3 technical consultants 


Our efforts were focused on different modules: FI, CO, SD and MM; in order to meet the business challenges of the Kilani Group.  
In order to meet the technical challenges, we were able to use different technologies, as listed below:  

  • ALV, 
  • SALV 
  • ABAP 7.4 

The image below illustrates the number of tables used in S/4 HANA compared to the old ECC6 system. We see a significant reduction in the number of these, resulting in faster data extraction and therefore improved performance. 

Schema 1 gk

Thanks to the simplicity of the new tables offered by S/4 HANA, we were able to provide a new data model for our customer, as this example illustrates. 




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