SAP S/4HANA implementation for an international pharmaceutical group


Pharmalys is an international organisation with a base in Switzerland and 17 entities spread across 12 countries. Pharmalys, a pharmaceutical company, produces dairy goods that benefit newborns’ and kids’ health and wellbeing and distributes them under several brands. 

A requirement for process standardisation among 17 entities.

Aymax works with Pharmalys to standardise its data in order to streamline its operational procedures. Here are the main challenges that we were able to address:  

  • The centralisation of all the group’s information around a single tool that meets the client’s expectations.   
  • Profitability analysis and cost monitoring for the entire Pharmalys group in order to ensure appropriate reporting based on local currencies and the other currencies of the international group.   
  • Homogenization of the entities’ various transactions. 
  • Linking the different accounting practices and policies with all Pharmalys entities  
  • Implementing local and international accounting standards for the smooth running of processes.  
  • Inventory tracking and management of infant and young child nutrition products managed on the basis of batches and expiry dates.  
  • Setting up a central management unit covering all Pharmalys group entities; launch and validation strategy, permanent data management, etc.  
  • Management of tasks based on internal choices by identifying good control practices through rigorous management of roles and profiles. 

A global S/4HANA implementation project divided into two phases

This project involved assisting our client in the integration of a scalable SAP S/4HANA solution by implementing a core model, followed by a roll-out process for all Pharmalys entities internationally. 

The support is set for a period of 3 years and aims to manage and optimise a complex project in different countries. Starting from a “From Scratch” process, up to the standardisation of the rules while taking into account the specifics of each entity/country’s laws. 

1)  Two main phases that drive the project 

Our deployment strategy for the Pharmalys project was divided into two phases: 

  • A study/analysis of the Core Model approach, the heart of the project, carried out by our dedicated teams, which included 2 Swiss entities, 2 Tunisian entities and 2 Emirati entities.   
  • Once the Core Model was implemented, we planned the roll outs for the remaining entities one after the other. Each rollout included 3 to 4 entities.  

2) The challenge for Pharmalys: the homogenisation and centralisation of its data 

The project focuses on real challenges mainly linked to the homogenisation of the processes of the various entities. These strategic and essential challenges consist largely of taking into account the legislative measures of each country and implementing a parallel accounting process based on IFRS rules. 

In order to have a complete picture and monitor the exchange rate and indexation of the numerous available currencies, this strategy necessitates the pooling of all data on a single high-performance platform. 

Identifying key milestones for a successful S/4HANA implementation

This S/4HANA project was structured around several well-defined stages based on SAP’s ACTIVATE methodology: 

  • A Design Thinking approach with workshops to define the desired model on SAP   
  • A customisation phase to define the model adapted to the business   
  • A training phase for the Key Users who participated in the Design Thinking phase   
  • User acceptance tests: the Key Users to carry out tests in order to completely challenge the solution (even for rare uses)    
  • Optimisation following the test   
  • Definition of a training schedule for the End Users according to their profile   
  • Go-live  
  • Post-go live support for the different users  
Number of users and duration of the project: 

The “Core Model” is a process that involved about forty Key Users. 

The project required between 25 and 30 employees for the implementation and production of the model. Each Roll-out required between 3 and 4 consultants. 

A comprehensive ERP solution for all of Pharmalys' processes

We were able to offer Pharmalys a number of benefits by implementing SAP S/4HANA thanks to the full assistance and business experience of our teams:  

  • Standardisation and automation of business processes   
  • Centralization and reliability of information   
  • Ability to provide group-wide reports    
  • Compliance with IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) with the possibility of specific reporting according to local standards   
  • Implementation of a profitability analysis and cost control system allowing for intra-group integration  
  • Centralisation and integration of accounting figures from all groups; allowing, for instance, the centralisation of all purchasing and distribution activities.  
  • Ability to have the necessary visibility on the group’s health   
  • Automatic generation of KPIs via consolidated dashboards and standard SAP reporting    
  • Implementation of SAP FIORI allowing smart and multi-dimensional reporting  



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