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Founded in 1970, SAP has become the fourth largest software publisher in the world and the first in Europe in nearly half a century. The reason for this success, the very large fields of application of these different software dedicated to professionals, their modularity as well as offers adapted to the needs of very small businesses, SMEs or even GE.

With our experience in the SAP world, particularly on SAP ECC, we are proud to add SAP Business ByDesign to the range of solutions offered by Aymax Consulting.

SME market for SAP ERPs

The perfect examples of the adaptability of SAP offers are those of ERP systems dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses. Before the arrival of SAP Business Bydesign, which positions itself as the ERP Market Leader within SAP, there were two players: SAP Business All in One and SAP Business One.

SAP Business ByDesign, a high-potential newcomer to the French market in 2012, is a “tailor-made” Software as a Service (SaaS) ERP dedicated to fast-growing SMEs.

Each company selects the modules necessary for optimal management of its activities, and can choose at any time to activate others as it expands. This flexibility allows you to use SAP Business ByDesign for certain activities, or as an ERP covering the company’s global management perimeter.

The lack of knowledge of this solution on the French market comes in particular from the fact that it required Microsoft’s Silverlight tool, which can only be used under Internet Explorer, until the end of 2017.

Below is an example of the old SAP Business ByDesign interface under Silverlight:

SAP Business ByDesign interface under HTML5

Since the interface was redesigned in HTML5 in 2017, it is now possible to connect from any browser. It should be noted that a version allowing you to connect from a mobile phone is also under development. SAP therefore hopes to address its solution to a wider range of companies, through increased accessibility and a more attractive interface. This improvement is in line with the changes implemented by SAP, which publishes a new version every three months, bringing new features and improvements to SAP Business ByDesign.

Below is an example of the new SAPBusiness ByDesign interface under html5.

SAP Business ByDesign benefits from Hana’s “In Memory” technology

SAP Business ByDesign has increased response times, with data storage being directly performed since late 2016 under the new Hana databases (In-Memory Technology). Performance is therefore high for users and SAP shows that it has been able to upgrade its SaaS tool to benefit from the best technologies available on the market.

Heart of the tool

SAP Business ByDesign can be implemented with eight different modules that manage the various functional aspects of the company and thus facilitate the user experience. Here are the different modules supported by SAP Byd:

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module manages the customer relationship.

The Financial Management module is one of the most complex modules of SAP Byd since it allows you to manage the many financial aspects of the company such as monitoring the financial status of the company, analyzing the profitability and costs of the various projects planned…

The Human Resources Management module allows users to record their working time and create schedules. In addition, human resources employees can manage personal files in digital format.

The Logistics Management module allows you to view material lists, requirements planning and returns management, quality assurance and inventory. There is also a Supply Chain Management module to easily set up synchronized real-time communication with potential logistics providers.

The Project Management module (PM: Project Management) allows you to assign the right tasks to the available employees, create action plans and offers.

The Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) module allows employees to create RFQs, archive material information, manage catalogues, view price lists and confirm orders and control the receipt of goods.

The Compliance Management module in relation to government regulation of finance, labour and tax law, and international trade, financial reporting, employment, income tax and data protection.

The Analytical Reporting tool, which is the strength of SAP Business ByDesign, allowing complex reports to be built with system data, which can be directly updated in Excel via a plugin or sent regularly from the tool. This feature saves valuable time in processing your Excel files, which can even disappear completely.

All the above points demonstrate that SAP has been able to offer through SAP Business ByDesign the core business of its famous ERP ECC6/S4 Hana in a simplified version accessible to SMEs and without infrastructure costs while focusing on the priority needs of these companies.

It should be noted that for some very special cases that would not be covered by the standard scope provided by SAP, it is also possible via a specific development tool (SAP Cloud Application Studio) to create additional content within the tool and this directly by the partners, a revolution in the world of SaaS tools usually considered inflexible.

The perfect example of the success of SAP technologies is that of one of the French partners of SAP: Aymax Consulting, which experienced a 300% increase in turnover in 2017, thanks in particular to its quality expertise on SAP technologies.

Aymax Consulting is the partner for your digital transition and the optimization of your business processes. The responsiveness, flexibility and quality of the expertise of its teams guarantee the effective support of various companies, particularly in the implementation of SAP Business ByDesign.

Article written by : Victor Sauvageot – Consultant at Aymax


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