SAP LEONARDO and IOT a powerful combination beyond our imagination?

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First of all, what is SAP LEONARDO? This designation includes a set of new technologies developed by SAP (Machine Learning, Blockchain, Data Intelligence…) and also see especially the IOT.

According to a new study by Gartner, 8 billion objects will be connected in 2017 and 20 billion by 2020. While taking into account that the majority of these objects will be used by private individuals, the professional world is following the trend. It must be understood that the fields of application for the IOT are unlimited and considerably enrich business processes.

Logistics or Maintenance professionals are mainly concerned; two major application areas are to be retained:

Logistics: via the new Iot sensors we can geolocate and trigger actions in information systems according to the movements or states of the product. This use case is particularly relevant for goods movements of dangerous products but also for high value products.

Maintenance: The field of maintenance is a prime target for the IOT, as it provides a very good return on investment. It can be applied on decentralized devices or in factories on industrial equipment.

On the technical side! SAP Leonardo Iot is based on an OSISoft interface that is also used by other major software and hardware companies such as Dell, HP or IBM Core:

In            terms            of            the            architecture            of            the            SAP            IOT            system

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In short, SAP is taking the lead and enabling its historical or “new name S/4” customers and partners to acquire a solution that will enable them to develop a formidable new value proposition!

Also   worth    noting;   among    the    latest    SAP    Leonardo   IOT    projects           completed           >             Caterpillar:

Article written by : Imen Ouertani – SAP Logistics & Manufacturing


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