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With you SAP Cloud Platform account, developing your mobile applications is made easier, with an easier access to your data wherever you are. Our consultants help you along your digital transition in order to advise you on the approach to take, the data to prioritise according to your needs, development and the best practices of user experience.

Adapted and adaptable services:

Mobile Development Kit

Rapid development of your apps, adapted to your needs with a user-friendly interface, intuitive and easy to use.

SAP Mobile Cards

Choose the data you want for a customised interface and optimised decision-making.

SAP Hybrid Development

We create your UI5 Web applications, or reuse the existing ones, and create their mobile extensions.

Personalised support

Our consultants, with their expert knowledge on Cloud SAP technology, will support you from the creation of your application to its deployment.

  • OPTION 1 : Mobile application for SAP data

– Support for the structuring of your needs all the way to the development of your application and its roll-out

  • OPTION 2 : Application connected to several data sources

 – Help with development, design and connection to the various data, as well as deployment

No matter what your application type is: hybrid, mobile cards or MDK; our consultants guide you towards the best practices so that your mobile applications contribute to your performance.

A decision support tool optimised for SAP:

Thanks to the MDK technology, SAP offers a high-performance system to create tailor-made applications. You can connect your application to all your ERP SAP systems with the Cloud Platform. You can also integrate external data through the cloud.

Optimise and customise your decision support tools with our consultants:


An innovative and powerful solution that adapts to your needs:

SAP Mobile Application brings together the best of technologies to adapt to your needs and performance by offering various services integrated in the application:

  • Offline mode : (supports hardware storage for company data)
  • Application life cycle management : (optimised update mechanisms)
  • Application security and monitoring
  • Usage reports
  • Variety of devices

Safe mobile browsing

With SAP Mobile Authentication & Security technology, access to your applications is easy and secure. Thanks to a very efficient authentication system, your access ensures the security of all your data, so you can browse from anywhere in complete safety.

SAP asset Manager

SAP Asset Manager is a native iOS and Android mobile application developed with the SAP MDK that helps maintenance technicians perform their jobs with complex information and business logic which are always available, even in offline environments. It includes the most relevant functionalities of the mobile PM (Plant Maintenance).


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