What is the potential for SAP Leonardo’s Blockchain as a Service (BAAS)?

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Since the emergence of the Blockchain concept, its use has continued to grow by radically transforming the world of communication and information technologies, which is why the Blockchain and its distributed registers (Explained earlier in one of our articles are considered as a living illustration of an evolutionary model in the field of information exchange, communication and data transfers.

Indeed, Blockhain appeared to be the basic concept for the famous crypto currency “Bitcoin” which has the advantage of speed, security and elimination of superfluous and costly players both compared to traditional money transfers which require the presence of two banks and adequate human resources to accomplish this task.

Apart from the use for this currency, the use of the Blockchain can be generalized in the various fields and this for more speed, security, transparency and reliability for its users. For example, SAP has been exploring the idea of developing the Blockchain as a Service or BaaS service, with a view to introducing it into its SAP

Leonardo technology (integrated with the SAP Cloud Platform) to simplify complex, multi-stakeholder transactions.

SAP BaaS’ areas of expertise :

Among the various areas of SAP BaaS’ work, we cite the following as examples:

  • Public Sector: BaaS will introduce distributed registries into the document authentication process, which will allow processes to be accelerated. It should be noted that Sweden has started to use and test Blockchain technology in its Land Registry for the registration of its land and its properties.
  • Distributed generation: This BaaS will play a very important role in the production chain, as it will allow decentralized storage of distributed generation data and documents instead of using a central database for this process.
  • Asset management: SAP BaaS can be implemented for audit follow-up in the case of mandatory external intervention in audits.
  • Transport management: BaaS will introduce bills of lading that are secure, reliable and computerized in the supply chain field (specifically in the transport sector) to accelerate this process. Thus, Carrefour France has begun to test Blockchain’s solution in the field of transport, which will enable Carrefour and its partners to exchange bill of lading documents (materialising the contract of carriage concluded between the shipper and the carrier) and to record late arrivals in a computerised manner and in real time.
  • Digital signatures domain: SAP Leonardo Blockchain will deliver reliable digital signatures and authenticate digital documents, a cost-effective and green solution to replace paper that takes a long time to verify.

In summary, here are the benefits that SAP BaaS will offer:

SAP Leonardo’s BaaS will provide some significant benefits, such as :

In the very near future, SAP will be able to provide its customers with BaaS, which will be integrated with other technologies already existing in SAP Leonardo, including IoT, Machine Learning and Big Data. The Blockchain as a Service will undoubtedly revolutionize the way in which the various complex processes and transactions work, especially in terms of speed, security and efficiency. See you soon for new adventures!

Article written by: Mohamed Aziz MANDHOUJ – SAP Consultant IU5 HANA & New Tech  


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